Simplifying the maze of international hotel reservations

A good strategy for planning the perfect vacation is finding the right accommodation. You have to choose your accommodation methodically to avoid any inconvenience during your dream vacation.

Everything can impact the quality of your stay, from the choice of room to the location of the hotel.

With the boom in international travel after a long hiatus of two years, the issues surrounding international hotel bookings are now greater than ever. For this reason, the many complexities of international hotel reservations and their solutions are discussed today to solve the travel problems that people face in the digital age of tourism.

Choose the perfect stay

Times have changed dramatically from the days when third-party agents were the only channel for booking international hotels. In the digital age of travel, there is more transparency, visibility, and options available regarding hotel reservations. However, Bangladesh is still far behind when it comes to digitized travel, with only 5% of the tourism scene having visibility in the digital space.

GoZayaan is a company that strives to solve this problem by bringing various new and exciting technological innovations to the industry. To keep pace with the boom in international travel, the travel technology platform has onboarded thousands of international hotels to meet the needs of Bangladeshi travelers.

The website currently has a collection of over 650,000 hotels, the largest inventory of hotels available on any travel platform in Bangladesh. Plus, hotels can easily be chosen based on price, star rating, distance from downtown, and key features, simplifying the process.

Smart payment for smart travelers

Until a few years ago, people had to check foreign websites when looking for international hotels online. Although these sites offer a wide range of hotels as well as prices and photos, it is impossible to book through them without access to specialized credit cards.

Plus, paying locally increases the risk of overspending these days due to soaring foreign currency exchange rates. There is also a shortage of dollars in the open market, which causes further distress.

GoZayaan almost instantly solved this problem by integrating a large collection of foreign hotels on their platform. It is now possible to pay in local currency and by any payment method used locally in Bangladesh. Even using EMI is an option when booking international hotels now, greatly reducing the financial burden of an overseas tour.

Everything under one umbrella

Perhaps the greatest convenience provided by GoZayaan is bringing together all the fundamental components of travel under one umbrella. Whether it’s flights, hotels or tours, the website offers the necessary solutions and value-added services. Travelers can purchase international travel insurance, RT-PCR testing, and even baggage protection on the website, along with their essential travel services.

GoZayaan aims to provide an end-to-end automated holistic travel booking experience. From relaxing beach vacations to daring adventures, travel is for everyone. Whatever their preferences, travelers deserve the freedom to explore all the horizons of their travel dream. GoZayaan is here to empower travelers to realize their limitless dreams.

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