Police Raid Resort Hotel in Bangkok arrest 59 revelers


Police from the special operations branch raided the Galaxy Resort in Bangkok on Saturday and arrested 59 revelers who were caught using illicit drugs.

When the Special Operations Police arrived, they heard extremely loud music coming from a hotel room. When they entered the room, they found 59 young people drinking and using drugs inside.

During the search, police found 61 ecstasy pills and 8.53 grams of ketamine on the party animals.

Col. Pol Apisan Chaiyarat, who led the raid, said the suspects had booked hotel rooms at the Galaxy Resort to stay overnight. A birthday party was held in a reception hall.

The special operations team took all revelers to the police station for Covid-19 testing under the emergency decree. All tested negative. They were also subjected to drug tests.

All of the revelers were charged with being and / or colluding with the illegal possession of illegal drugs; illegal gathering and holding of activity in a crowd in violation of the Emergency Decree and the Communicable Disease Control Act.

They were taken into custody at Khok Khram police station in Bangkok. Authorities were planning to summon the hotel owner to deal with the emergency decree and charges under the Communicable Disease Control Act.

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