Money Diary Dietitian/Lactation Consultant Queens, NY Budget

Occupation: Dietitian/lactation consultant
Industry: Nutrition/Public Health
Age: 29
Location: Queens, NY
Salary: $80,000 ($62,000 from a full-time job + $18,000 from a part-time job)
Net value : -$2,820 (Investments: $14,680, 403(b): $4,000, HYSA: $12,000 minus student loan debt. My partner, V. (she/her), and I started living together recently but we don’t share finances yet She recently got her first full time job after finishing graduate school and we are waiting to combine until she feels she is in a more comfortable position financially by herself. For example, I pay the rent and utilities for the apartment, and she pays for her car, auto insurance, and EZ Pass. We plan to bundle these payments and split them proportionally to our salaries at the future.)
Debt: $33,500 in student loans
Paycheck amount (bi-weekly$1,629, plus about $1,500 once a month from part-time work
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Lease $1,600 for a one-bedroom apartment with a small private courtyard, obtained as a COVID offer + $180 for a parking space
Student loans: $330, currently on hiatus
Spotify: $9.99
Apple Care/iCloud Storage: $11.99 (I’m lucky I’m still on my parents’ phone plan)
Course pass: $49.99
Netflix/Hulu: $0 (shared plan with my family, my parents pay)
AppleTV: $4.99
The Internet: $69
Electricity: ~$45
Boss : $5
Savings: ~$800 per month ($200 per paycheck in HYSA, $200 per paycheck in 403(b) account)

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