Indoor air quality hurts hotel bookings and online battles for guest satisfaction

In a recent survey, 77% of consumers said proof of a hotel’s indoor air quality (IAQ) would impact their decision to book.

It’s not just the pandemic that’s fueling concerns about hotel air quality and travel practices. At the same time as concerns about safety have increased, concerns about the environment have increased, making a filter-free product a game-changer.

With travel regulations lifted, the demand for services related to travel and the hospitality industry is booming. Airlines and hotels are hiring at a rapid pace to keep up. Delta Airlines alone has added 18,000 employees since the start of 2021.(¹) However, as people begin to plan their trips again, there is a heightened awareness of the quality and safety of the air they breathe. In a recent survey, 77% of consumers said proof of a hotel’s indoor air quality (IAQ) would impact their decision to book. Additionally, 52% of travelers said they would pay more to stay somewhere with better IAQ.(²) “COVID-19 has left consumers feeling less safe about sharing air in public spaces,” said Whit Pepper, president of Clean Air Technology. Atmofizer company. “As fear of airborne diseases has intensified, consumers have understandably become much more concerned about potentially contagious strangers and are choosing to go where high air quality standards are maintained. organizations installing filtration devices everywhere, this adds significant costs and maintenance obligations to constantly replace filters – this is a real problem for industries already dealing with the impact the pandemic has had on their profits .

The US Consumer Sentiment on Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19 survey found that 91% of people believe IAQ is a critical factor in preventing the spread of COVID-19.(³) At the same time, hotels are not responding not at the request of improved air quality. In 2018, only 28% of hotels offered hypoallergenic rooms and only 11% of hotels offered in-room air purifiers.(⁴)

In a world where guests can quickly leave a negative review via online platforms, this puts many hotels at risk. Dissatisfaction with how hotels are handling post-pandemic protocols is already showing. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Travel Study 2021-2022, satisfaction with hotels fell 2.7% year-on-year.(⁵)

“It’s not just the pandemic that’s fueling concerns about hotel air quality and travel practices,” says David Lee Jensen, CEO of USA Tech Direct, Atmofizer’s primary distributor. “As concerns about safety have increased, so has the environment, making a filter-free product a game-changer.”

Nearly two-thirds of consumers say they believe sustainability is more important to them now than before COVID, and 58% said they intend to make more sustainable choices when travelling.( ⁶) This is where LEED certified hotels can take a huge lead. However, these hotels are under increasing pressure to meet IAQ standards and maintain LEED certification.(⁷)

The question then becomes, why do so few hotels implement the known scientific technology of acoustic waves?

Through the use of efficient and cost-effective devices, such as those equipped with Atmofizer technology, air purification can be achieved at an unprecedented level. Thanks to Atmofizer’s air purification technology, the smallest nanoparticles become larger and easier to capture, which also helps other systems that use filters to work more efficiently, including HEPA filters and filters. air currents in home and office HVAC systems.

“Businesses (and arguably most consumers too) don’t want the cost, hassle, and potential exposure of replacing air filters, especially in every room of a large hotel, every month,” says Pepper.

“We hear a lot of stories about air filtering devices sitting in a corner unused, being sidelined completely, or working but just not changing expensive filters as often (if at all) over the year,” Pepper added. “So achieving high deactivation of 95-99.9% of targeted viruses and bacteria without the need for a filter is a good proposition for these customers.”

Another benefit customers keep reporting is the reduction in odors when using an Atmofizer, including strong smoke odors like cannabis, to stale air odors. Cleaner air apparently smells much better too.

Improving IAQ with modern air purification technology may be the one place hotels consistently win in the online consumer satisfaction wars against their competitors. At the same time, hotels can do so while keeping the health and well-being of their guests and staff in mind. The key is to implement the right technology while spreading awareness of the positive effects of modern air purification solutions.

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