hotel rates: new RateGain report shows strong April for India and continued increase in bookings in Europe

Hotel rates in Mumbai and Delhi jumped 105% and 62% month-on-month respectively in April, while the Russian-Ukrainian conflict did little to dampen European travel planning with an average increase of 50% of bookings month over month, according to the monthly PULSE report published by RateGain Travel Technologies, a global travel and hospitality SaaS provider.

For the month of April, RateGain monitored the impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict on European bookings as well as the impact of the resumption of international travel in India. RateGain said in the previous March edition that it predicted travel demand to Mumbai and Delhi would increase by 150% in April.

The company said April sustained March’s momentum in India as hotel rates soared.

Traditionally considered a low season with hotel rates lower than March across the country, bookings analyzed by RateGain suggest that in April the same number of bookings made as in March are approaching pre-pandemic levels.

While the higher bookings can be attributed to several reasons such as the resumption of international travel and weddings, the company said the Good Friday long weekend accounted for 30% of check-ins in April.

One big difference though was the average daily rate at which rooms were available. This rate was 105% higher in Mumbai and 62% higher in Delhi compared to the previous month.

Destinations such as Manali, Leh, Pantnagar saw almost 100-150% increase in bookings month-on-month. Other tourist destinations such as Bhimtal, Guwahati, Srinagar have also witnessed an increase in bookings.

The company said that despite the rise in cases, tourist destinations appear to be looking ahead to a busy May at the moment. Trivandrum, Udaipur, Dharamshala, Shimla, Manali, Leh are expecting an increase in attendance.

RateGain said bookings in Europe continue to rise, signaling strong summer travel. According to the report, hotel bookings in Europe continued to increase month-on-month, with Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus and Austria recording booking growth of between 40 and 50%.

The report says an analysis of check-in dates shows that 45% of bookings made in March and April were made for May.

In tourist and transit centers like Egypt, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, Australia, South Africa as well, the bulk of arrivals are expected in May.

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