Hotel rates and demand are higher this summer than pre-pandemic levels

Just like airline and car rental prices, hotel prices are skyrocketing. Average daily rates exceed pre-pandemic prices globally. Travelers are especially eager to get out and travel again after two years of travel restrictions. With this summer being the most anticipated for travel since the pandemic, hoteliers are preparing for demand. Travelers brace for rising hotel rates.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Amadeus recently released its Demand360 data, which analyzes booking information for the past two years from over 30,000 suppliers.

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What the data found

According to Amadeus, April marked the first time global hotel occupancy exceeded 2019 levels. trips are booked this summer. Data shows that over 50% of trips are booked within a week of travel.

Katie Moro, vice president of hospitality data partnerships at Amadeus, says the tight travel booking timeline “should give hoteliers the confidence to keep their room rates stable and not be tempted to drop them for attract more business.

Hotel bookings for June through August have a worldwide average daily rate of $200. This rate is 11% higher than in summer 2019. France is seeing a bigger increase, with an average daily rate of $428 for the month of July. This is a 29% increase from July 2019.

Amadeus data shows that car rental costs and demand are increasing this summer. Bookings this summer are up 33% with a rental average of six days compared to last year. The average daily rate for car rentals this year is $102, up from $92 in 2021.

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