Hotel bookings in Antigua and Barbuda skyrocket as demand increases

The tourism sector in the Caribbean is slowly coming back to life. The government of Antigua and Barbuda has said that for June and July all hotels are booked at 70-80% capacity.

At a cabinet meeting on Thursday, Tourism Minister Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez said this season looks to be extremely busy for the hospitality industry and the hotel industry in general.

“The winter tourist season, which has just ended, has also been exceptional, with hotels at full capacity at all times,” the minister said.

The Jolly Beach Hotel is scheduled to open in November 2022, with the first 200 renovated rooms, to be operated by Elite Resorts until the dispute involving an illegal charge against the asset is resolved. Only the courts can grant a discharge; the legal process has already started and is expected to take two years.

On top of that, Health Minister Zoudiera Jackson told Cabinet that no changes to the Covid guidelines were needed. He said the protocols are updated given the number of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19; however, there are no hospitalizations.

Additionally, he said there are currently 200 COVID-19 positive patients remaining in isolation. The minister also said cases had started to decline after the Labor Day spike that had been recorded.

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