Hotel bookings continue to surge ahead of Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Hotel bookings continue to surge ahead of Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Excerpt from STR

Late last year, STR’s initial analysis of the upcoming Commonwealth Games showed the event’s early impact on hotel occupancy on the books and pick-up in Birmingham, England. This latest update with Forward STAR data shows an even bigger increase in hotel booking levels now four months after the games arrived.

The Commonwealth Games, a multinational sporting event which brings together athletes from 72 nations, will take place across the city of Birmingham between July 28 and August 8, 2022 with large crowds of spectators, athletes and staff from the expected event. Since the previous impact analysis of events, the backdrop for travel and large gatherings has further improved with better pandemic indicators and the lifting of many restrictions.

Along with the event approaching, this improvement in sentiment supports the higher levels indicated in this forward-looking data analysis. STR is uniquely positioned to combine both historical and forward-looking data for major hotel markets around the world. Thus, this analysis also returns to the performance of the former British host of the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow (2014). This historical data confirms the expectation of even greater growth in hotel occupancy in Birmingham as the months go by.

Occupancy and pickup continue to increase

The Birmingham Center sub-market, as defined by STR, is showing positive trends in short-term bookings for the coming months with particularly high levels at weekends. The occupancy on the books reached up to 47% until June. The submarket’s positive outlook for spring and early summer peaks in July and August, however, when occupancy peaks at 78% (August 6). In the previous analysis in October, the peak for the event period was only 55%.

When pickup, i.e. the absorption of bookings from period to period, was previously examined, levels were stable at over 6% for the games period. The weeks leading up to the opening ceremony also showed levels as high as 15%. However, the most recent forward-looking data indicates that the resumption of gaming is slightly lower, with the peak for this period standing at 5%. This is to be expected, as large increases in bookings are more common when events are first announced or when the start of the event becomes imminent.

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