GoZayaan’s Efforts to Simplify Hotel Reservations

Finding the perfect hotel is a smart approach to planning the perfect vacation. To avoid any inconvenience while enjoying a dream vacation, you have to choose your accommodation carefully. Everything can influence the quality of a stay, from the quality of the room to the general environment of the hotel. But the difficulties of booking hotels abroad are now more apparent than ever due to the increase in global tourism after a long two-year respite. In the digital age of tourism, GoZayaan offers solutions to constantly solve travel problems like these.

Times have changed dramatically from when third-party brokers were the only way to book hotels overseas. When it comes to hotel booking, there are more alternatives, visibility and accessibility in the digital age of travel. However, Bangladesh continues to lag in the adoption of digital tourism, with only 5% of the country’s tourism industry having online visibility.

GoZayaan has constantly tried to change this by bringing visibility to Bangladeshi travel bookings in the digital space. with technological innovations. In its latest venture, the company has integrated a massive inventory of around 700,000 hotels to make travel bookings even more convenient for the traveler. The website features images of hotel amenities and individual rooms along with the exact location of each hotel. Star ratings and user reviews are available to make the trip as safe as possible.

GoZayaan remains a customer-oriented brand with such promising ventures. Rubel Ghosh is a frequent traveler with business in Singapore and Malaysia. In an interview, he said, “Before, I used to book hotels through international websites. I usually chose ‘pay at resort’ or paid through my international card. Much easier process as I can now pay in Bangladeshi currency and local methods. He also adds, “I have booked hotels online before through other local websites but the process was not fully automated. I received further calls to confirm the reservation, which I had already confirmed on the website! But GoZayaan provided a complete end-to-end solution. automated booking experience by providing instant confirmation and email voucher.”

Istiak Ahmed tells a similar story from his holiday in Darjeeling. “I used to book my hotels through foreign websites because I like having the freedom to choose. However, there were some restrictions in this procedure. I booked the hotel with my credit card via GoZayaan and I was able to use the EMI facility. It was a game changer for me.”

Bringing together all the essentials of travel under one roof is perhaps the most important benefit provided by GoZayaan. The website provides necessary travel solutions and value-added services, for flights, hotels and tours. In addition to necessary travel services, travelers can get RT-PCR testing, international travel insurance, and even baggage protection on the website.

GoZayaan seeks to provide a fully automated, all-inclusive travel booking experience. Everyone loves to travel, whether they like beach vacations or exciting excursions. Travelers should have the freedom to reach any horizon they choose, regardless of their preferences. GoZayaan exists to help travelers realize their unlimited potential.

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