GoZayaan is revolutionizing international hotel bookings

Finding the right accommodation while on vacation is tricky but crucial. The distance from the city center, the cleanliness of the rooms, the amenities available on site, etc. everything influences the quality of his vacation. International travel has grown in popularity in recent months as more countries lift travel bans and open their borders to foreign travellers. The demand for international hotels is now greater than ever. However, booking foreign hotels from Bangladesh remains a troubling phenomenon. Travelers regularly face challenges related to transparency, limited choice, lack of information, payment and more.

This is where GoZayaan comes in. The Dhaka-based travel tech startup has been working to solve many of these problems for travelers. The company has integrated a large collection of international hotels – an inventory of more than 680,000 hotels on its platform and has introduced several other facilities for international travelers.

In this article, we take a look at the conveniences and benefits that GoZayaan has brought to international travelers with this move.

Transparency and freedom of choice

Until a few years ago, booking international hotels required a heavy reliance on offline agents. The process offered no transparency or visibility to choose one’s own stay based on specific preferences. There was no way to compare prices and book hotels on your own.

GoZayaan aimed to solve this problem by providing freedom of choice. Whatever type of stay travelers prefer, GoZayaan has a solution for everyone. People can search for hotels based on price, amenities, ratings, and more. favourites. In addition, it is now possible to compare prices and choose the best hotel option.

The GoZayaan website provides detailed information, photos of amenities and individual rooms as well as location and distance information from the city center. These added features have made international hotel reservations much easier than ever.

Convenient Payment Methods

Until a few years ago, if someone wanted to book international hotels online, foreign websites were the only option. Although these websites offer both visibility and transparency, payment remains a challenge when it comes to confirming reservations through these websites. Foreign sites only accept international or special credit cards. Although paying locally is an option, skyrocketing foreign currency exchange rates and the unavailability of the dollar are significant drawbacks.

GoZayaan has come to help with a solution to this problem for the first time in Bangladesh — the company has introduced a local currency payment method for international hotels. With a huge inventory of hotels and local payment methods all integrated into their platform, the GoZayaan website serves as a 360-degree solution to all possible travel-related issues.

In addition to this, GoZayaan has introduced 0% EMI facility for customers. So not only is it possible for travelers to book international hotels using local payment methods, but they can also use the 0% EMI service, which was not possible before. By using the 0% EMI, customers can book their stays now and pay in installments over an appropriate period of time.

Unlimited Benefits

GoZayaan didn’t just bring together all essential travel essentials under one platform, the company went the extra mile to ensure unlimited traveler benefits. The company has implemented integrated RT-PCR testing with international flight purchases by partnering with government-approved labs during the pandemic. To further ensure safety and convenience, GoZayaan has offered affordable international travel insurance on the platform.

The latest addition to these services is certified baggage protection for as little as 90 BDT. GoZayaan has partnered with internationally renowned baggage tracking service ‘Blue Ribbon Bags’ to make this possible for the first time in Bangladesh.

GoZayaan aims to provide a fully automated and all-inclusive travel booking experience. Whether travelers are enjoying a quiet beach vacation or exciting expeditions, travel is for everyone. Travelers should have the ability to achieve the vision they desire, no matter where their interests lie. GoZayaan exists to help travelers realize their unlimited potential.

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