Free tips to get better hotel bookings for less

Attention budget travelers – today we are going to share some travel tips that will definitely be a game-changer for you. In fact, even luxury travelers might be tempted by these nifty tricks, especially the second one. Best of all, both hacks are FREE!

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#1 Hotwire | Hack the deal of the day is a discount travel website, and every day it delivers great deals and fares. These are usually 50-60% off regular hotel prices. But there is a catch. You won’t know which hotel you are booking until after it has been booked. The only thing you get to know is the ratings of the hotel and the location it is in. Now this is where our hack comes in. . You can actually predict which hotel exactly you are going to get!

Go to Hotwire, and fill in the destination and travel dates. OKAY. We have always wanted to visit Maui, so we chose this destination and chose dates in June. Hurry Find a hotel and watch what appears.

here is the The business of the day.

We understand that you think this is a bit sketchy. As you don’t know what you will get. What if it’s not so good? But… Now open this offer in a new tab. And take a look at the notes.

You can see these notes in detail. Then you have to go back to the previous tab and look at all available hotels (scroll down the list) and just match them to those specific ratings. And that’s how you find the exact hotel.

To start, we’ll just look at those with an overall score of 4.0. So, for example, Maui Seaside Hotel has a rating of 4.0. And it is the only hotel among the 7 found according to our dates.

See if the ratings on Maui Seaside Hotel match all the ratings of a The business of the day Hotel. There you go: mystery solved. Congratulations, you got a deal. And Hotwire doesn’t really need to know that…

#2 RatePunk | browser extension

Even though it was launched recently, it already has more than 60,000 installs. Because who wouldn’t want to save not only money but also time? RatePunk is a browser and mobile extension that scans all major booking sites and performs live price comparisons while you search for the hotel. It displays the lowest rate for exact dates in seconds!

Here is a quick How? ‘Or’ What round. First, you use Chrome or Safari, go to the online store and search for an extension named EvaluatePunk. You can also install it on your iPhone. VSlick this magic Add to Chrome button, and that’s it. It will be on your device and will only show up when you need it.

Let’s see it in action now. We chose to search for a hotel on

The next step – decide which hotel or resort you want to stay in the Maldives. Don’t pay too much attention to the price now. We chose Sun Island Resort & Spa. We knew about this hotel from people’s reviews, and that’s why we would love to stay there. Now click to learn more about the hotel. And see the RatePunk extension show you the results:

So currently you are browsing, and here the resort would cost $1,478 for 6 nights. It’s a lot. But… You get an amazing deal – RatePunk shows you can book the same hotel for the exact dates on for just $667. The reduction is even more than 50%!

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There you have it: two free tips for getting better deals on your hotel bookings! Have a good trip!

Featured image credit: Edvin Johansson | Unsplash

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