Disney World Resort Hotel Guests Had No Hot Water and Couldn’t Shower for Hours

Each of Walt Disney World’s more than 30 resort hotels has a unique theme and welcomes Guests of all ages and travel preferences to come stay during their visit to the most magical place on earth.

Some of Disney’s Resort Hotels are so much fun that Guests visit Walt Disney World Resort just to stay at their favorite resort and never walk through a single theme park gate; they are so much fun! But recently, a guest and her family stayed in a Fan-favorite Disney World Resort Hotel, and their stay was not at all magical. In some ways it was downright dirty!

Credit: Disney Parks

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Earlier this week according to IMT, a guest named Sara and her family were staying at the Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort property. She and her children had been enjoying the theme parks earlier in the day when suddenly a torrential downpour unleashed its fury on central Florida, leading to the flooding of several visitor areas at Disney’s Hollywood StudiosEPCOT and magic kingdom.

Flooding at Hollywood Studios

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Flash flooding isn’t very common in central Florida, but that day guests experienced flooding at at least three of Disney World’s theme parks, meaning many left the parks early, and those who stayed in the parks eventually returned. to their resort hotels, completely soaked from all the rain. This is exactly what happened to Sara and her family because they forgot to bring their ponchos with them.

“We were completely soaked from head to toe because we forgot our ponchos,” Sara explained. “We are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort, and the Skyliner was out of order due to lightning.

Sara says she and her family returned to their hotel room at the resort Caribbean Beach Resort discovering that they had no hot water for showers and baths, despite the fact that they all desperately needed to shower after getting so soaked in the parks.

caribbean resort

Credit: Disney Parks

When they brought the matter to the attention of a cast member at the resort, Sara and her family learned that a problem with the boiler was the cause of the lack of hot water in their hotel room. . Imagine how relieved they must have been to learn that the problem would only take about 30 minutes to fix!

But much to their disappointment, Sara says she was told she and her family would be out of hot water in 30 minutes, but after waiting over two hours, Sara says they still had no hot water. no hot water.

caribbean resort

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“We decided to let the kids sleep and we would wait for hot water,” Sara explained. “We stayed up for 2.5 hours (until 12:45 a.m.) and the hot water never came back.”

The Disney website invites Guests to slow down, relax, and celebrate the spirit of the Caribbean islands at Caribbean Beach Resort:

“Discover a world where life slows to a leisurely pace and worries melt away to the rhythm of Calypso beats. Awash in vibrant colors and lush landscapes, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort transports Guests to a relaxing paradise that captures the essence from 5 distinct islands: Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad and Aruba. Celebrate the spirit of the Caribbean with marvelous views and fun activities, including colonial forts, bustling markets, pristine beaches, vibrant flowers and swinging hammocks that will spark the imagination.

Here’s hoping Sara and her family finally got their hot water and showers after being stuck in awesome park showers all day!

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