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The Boca Raton

Boca Raton, FL – The Sponder Gallery’s newly renovated contemporary art gallery at the newly renovated luxury resort hotel and Boca Beach Club, “The Boca Raton,” opens its doors to much-anticipated fanfare with a selection of new contemporary art, its new space, and new location in the magnificent park of this historic site with a beautiful mountain resort with entertainment. Discover more hotels in the area if you want other nice options.

“The Boca Raton” Luxury Resort Hotel & Boca Beach Club reopened in January 2022 after completing a $200 million renovation and remodel. The Florida location now features grand architectural designs, lush grounds, hidden gardens, 294 guest rooms and suites, and Sponder Gallery’s newly renovated Blue-Chip contemporary art gallery. The Sponder Gallery has called this members-only luxury resort for the past decade, providing a unique and immersive experience for resort guests and club members alike with rotating art exhibits, sculpture installations and live audiences. Art Gallery.

Although the COVID crisis has delayed many projects across the United States, it has allowed Sponder Gallery and its staff to reassess, refocus, and reflect on the gallery’s nearly 40 years in business; while preparing to launch into the new year with a bang, as the resort opened its doors after the full upgrade.

Deborah Sponder began her artistic career as a private dealer in California in 1983. Twenty years later, she joined her mother, Elaine Baker, in Boca Raton as an associate at the Baker Sponder Gallery (founded in 1989). In 2013, Spponder Gallery emerged with a strong presence in the international art fair circuit.

Offering a stellar roster of established and mid-career artists, the Sponder Gallery has led a renowned charge of leadership in the contemporary art world with over 200 premier art exhibitions. Notable solo exhibitions have included such masters of contemporary art as Frank Stella, Lynn Chadwick, Friedel Dzubas, Dan Christensen, Donald Martiny, Johan Creten, Michael Halsband, William King, Ernest Trova and Boaz Vaadia.

As a member of the Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA), Sponder Gallery focuses on post-war and contemporary paintings and sculptures, while maintaining a strong inventory of works on the secondary market.

“Artists who display innovative techniques and a unique approach to materials are paramount to the aesthetics of the gallery”says gallery director Beverly Cuyler. “That’s why we are now showing works by contemporary artist Gabriel Delgado.”

Delgado, an artist based in Florida and Boca Raton, creates concept art that explores hypothetically solvable mathematical equations using words, numbers, and symbols; an innovative technique that highlights the elegance of numerical and textual logic via an expressive scientific chalkboard aesthetic. Explore themes like To like, Lustand Desirethe artist breaks down these universal emotions into mathematical statements that look more like puns than a common core of algebra.

“I use words – their meaning and history as basic compositional elements in my works. As I research this information, I construct a long division math problem. Using the rules of order of operations (commonly referred to as PEMDAS), I decipher and attribute some logic to the linguistic decomposition of chosen terms.As an artist, I create a systematic and coded vernacular that can be easily understood if you devote the time to it. art; study it and be open to exploring the message”, Delgado said.

In addition to exhibiting artists only, Spponder Gallery also offers personalized support and advice in all aspects of art collection and art appraisal services. Their highly trained and specialized staff provide exceptional insight into museum-quality works for acquisition, while adding educational and cultural enhancement to the experience of their visitors.

The reopening of the Sponder Gallery is scheduled for April 1, 2022.

For more information about Sponder Gallery, please visit or call 561.241.3050

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