City hotels are starting to fill up for the football finals

Derry said the opening of The Porter House Hotel was part of a large-scale expansion by Accor in the Pacific, with 11 new hotels due to open before the end of 2023.

They include the launch of the 25hours brand in Australia, new airport hotels at Melbourne and Auckland airports, and another heritage restoration in Sydney, the Morris Hotel, which is created from the old hotel. West End built in 1929 at Pitt Street.

“While Sydney and Melbourne have a number of new developments and new offerings, at the end of the day people want to have experiences and want to come back to the cities,” Derry said.

“We are starting to see occupations increasing in the cities. And what’s driving that are the returning conferences and a demand for good food and drink. So it’s finally getting better and that’s good news,” Derry said.

Melbourne’s Accor hotels are 90 per cent full for this weekend’s AFL Grand Final.

Burke said as of April this year, demand had risen to around 90% of pre-COVID levels, in 2019.


“Over the past two months, demand has weakened, but this reflects the winter surge of COVID and expected weakness in traditionally weaker demand months. [of the year],” he said.

Average room rates charged by hotels are rising sharply due to labor shortages, inflation and pent-up demand from delayed events.

“Rates are consistently 30-35% higher than the same week in 2019,” Burke said.

Melbourne hotel occupancy rates averaged nearly 59% in August. Those in Sydney were higher, at 65%. Average revenue per room for the month in the southern capital was $120, while Sydney recorded $158.

Australian Hotels Association chief executive Stephen Ferguson said the most pressing issue for hotel managers is a severe labor shortage, a fact recognized at the recent Jobs Summit and the competences of the Albanian government.

“I’m happy to say there was strong acknowledgment across the summit regarding labor shortages – and that’s something I pushed for from the start,” Ferguson said.

Amid a staff crisis and rising costs, Marriott International is moving forward with 14 additional luxury properties in Asia Pacific by the end of 2023. It now operates 156 luxury properties, with brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, St Regis and W Hotels.

“Today’s luxury traveler is looking for authentic experiences that are personalized, thoughtful and meaningful,” said Bart Buiring, Group Sales and Marketing Director Asia Pacific.

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