Beach hotel could become family assessment center due to ‘decline in commerce’


A resort hotel affected by “trade decline” could become a residential family assessment center.

The Medeor Hotel in Rhyl has been run as a guesthouse for years by its current owners.

But when they put it up for sale, there was no real interest from anyone wanting to continue operating the site as tourist accommodation.

The only interest came from a company – 38.6 Solutions Ltd – which hopes to open a residential family assessment center, in collaboration with local authorities in the region.

There are plans to change its use to meet a need like this in Wales.

The Medeor hotel, rue Elwy, Rhyl

In a statement on the change in use of tourist accommodation, planning officer Owen Devenport Ltd said: “The current use of the building is a 7 bedroom guest house with linked management accommodation.

“There does not appear to be a political obligation to retain a use like this at this location in the local development plan, except for the general approach which seeks to conserve tourist facilities.

“The use that is the subject of this proposal is not a tourist facility as it is a modest property offering tourist accommodation.

“In any event, this guest house was suffering from a declining business and was not the subject of significant interest when it was put up for sale, the only real interested being the applicant.

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“This is probably because it would require significant investment to attract customers due to the lack of en-suite facilities in some rooms, the small size and the need for investment in decor and amenities, which meant that it was poorly positioned as the financial investment compared to other guesthouses and the competition provided by the substantial supply of guesthouses and other large hotels in the area.

“As such, there is in principle no obstacle to the proposed change of use outside of a guesthouse.”

The facility would be equipped with 24-hour internal and external video surveillance and the claimant said there had been no instances of antisocial behavior at a similar facility in the area.

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