Apps like Hopper and Pruvo help travelers reduce hotel rate costs


TAMPA, Florida – Between March and May, hotel prices rose 11%. The national average for a hotel room hit $ 171 a night this summer. Whether you want to book next week or next year, just downloading a few apps could lower the cost of your stay.

Tech expert, author and frequent traveler Marc Saltzman says he discovered the Pruvo app a few years ago.

This is how it works

Book a hotel room on any site, Expedia,, even directly with the hotel. Just make sure the reservation is refundable. Then send the reservation to Pruvo. If the hotel lowers its price before you check in, Pruvo sends a notification and users are guided through the steps to reserve the room at the lower rate.

“Why would you pay more than you need to? Said Saltzman, who estimates Pruvo saves him $ 30-40 per night on average.

Hopper is another app that helps keep room costs under control. It recently added a new price freeze feature for hotels, allowing users to lock in the best rate on a specific hotel for up to 60 days.

“When you get to Hopper, we guarantee the price,” a Hopper spokesperson said.

Hopper estimates an average savings of $ 43 for a typical 2-3 night reservation.

But keep in mind that hotels drop their rates somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of the time after you make your reservation. Whether rates go down or up, these apps protect your wallet.

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