Aggressor Adventures announces the launch of its first Aggressor Floating Resort in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada

After successfully establishing a fleet of four luxury yacht cruises in the Red Sea and the Nile in Egypt over the past 8 years, Aggressor Adventures announces the launch of its first Aggressor Floating Resort Hotel in the city of Hurghada, at sea. Red, in March 2023. www This new Aggressor Floating Resort will offer the normal luxury amenities and services that all Aggressor Adventure cruise yachts offer worldwide, however, instead of taking guests offshore for a full week of scuba diving, this new hybrid luxury hotel and yacht will still offer guests coastal diving and snorkeling throughout their seven-day vacation, but return to the resort marina daily so guests can leave the AFR yacht each night as if staying at a hotel on land to experience and enjoy the nightlife, shoppin g and culture of the beautiful Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada. Two days a week, the AFR mother yacht will not go to sea, but will remain moored at their local resort marina and offer guests a lazy day on a private beach or a local private island excursion, as well as banana boat rides, parasailing and other exciting sea activities. During the two days the AFR mother yacht stays at their resort’s marina, scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can still dive during their full 7-day stay, using one of two large Zodiacs from 11 meters from Floating Resorts. Aggressor Adventures continues to show its leadership in developing the luxury cruise industry worldwide with the first of these new hotel/yacht hybrids which will now allow divers and snorkelers who would normally stay in a traditional hotel and use a small day boat for diving. or snorkeling, a complete 7 day stay on a large luxury cruise yacht with all the freedom to leave the yacht like a hotel on land. Besides opening this first Aggressor Floating Resort in 2023 in Hurghada, Aggressor Adventures plans to add at least two more Floating Resorts in 2024 and 2025 in the Red Sea resorts of Marsa Alam and Sharm El Shiek.

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