Advance hotel bookings are up to 60% higher in April and May, and hotel brands are raising room rates by 25%

Hotels and resorts across India are seeing an increase in advance bookings as customers begin to plan their summer vacations, with many major tourist destinations reporting that 60% of available hotel rooms have been reserved. Advance booking costs in key tourist destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Panaji, Kochi, Srinagar, Shimla, Nainital and Dehradun have even surpassed pre-pandemic levels. “Over the past four to six weeks, we’ve seen a significant resurgence.” “I can clearly speak for IHCL in saying that our books activity in March, April and May (2022) is higher than it was in March, April and May 2019,” said Puneet Chhatwal , Managing Director and CEO of Indian Hotels.

Additionally, hotel search queries increased nearly 250% in the first week of April compared to March. “Leisure travel demand continues to lead the recovery, and we are hoping for a promising tourist season in early summer. hotel reservations,” a MakeMyTrip spokesperson said. Encouraged by growing demand, hotel chains have also increased prices in popular destinations. Data collected from OTAs shows that average room rates in cities metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata grew by up to 40%.

Similarly, Vikramjit Singh, president of Lemon Tree Hotels, said with the way advance bookings are pouring in for April and May, he expects bookings to top pre-pandemic levels in first quarter of 2022-23. Vibhas Prasad, director of Leisure Hotels Group, added that their hotels and resorts are seeing high demand in all destinations. Online travel agencies (OTAs) have also seen an increase in hotel bookings and searches across India. Data from shows that hotel bookings in Goa, Kerala, Pondicherry, Rishikesh, Shimla, Nainital and Dehradun are up almost 100% from March.

“Most of the major hotel chains in India increased their room rates by around 5-10% year on year in February. These rates increased by around 30% for April and May,” a Yatra official said. .com He added that some popular tourist destinations like Shimla, Goa and Nainital are even seeing price hikes of 100-150% year-on-year.Pradeep Shetty, Joint Secretary of the Federation of Tourism Associations hotels and restaurants of India, said that currently, hotels in tourist destinations are seeing an increase in bookings, which is leading to an increase in average room rates across the country. in Mumbai have increased by almost 50% in the past two weeks. Hotel rates at leisure venues are around 2x or 3x compared to 2019 rates,” an ITC official said. hotel reservations is also due to customers being willing to spend more on travel, officials said.

He added that the industry expects an increase of at least 50% in international bookings for the upcoming summer period once international flights restart, but so far the increase in international bookings has been slow. Similarly, OTA data shows that while international tourist queries for popular tourist destinations have increased, a large number of those queries have not translated into bookings. “Travel inquiries are up nearly 70% from international tourists, but bookings are only up 15% in the first week of April compared to March,” the manager said. . Hotel chains across India are also seeing international tourists make up only 5-10% of their advance bookings.

Additionally, the wedding season in parts of northern India, which was halted in January and February due to the outbreak of the third wave of COVID-19, is back on the rise. “There is a lot of bounce on weddings; April, May, June and July have a number of auspicious dates,” said Ajay Bakaya, Managing Director of Sarovar Hotels. Although there is an increase in domestic traveler bookings across India for the upcoming summer, the influx of international tourists remains slow. “A rise in cases in China, coupled with geopolitical tensions across Europe, has led to a slower-than-expected influx of international tourists as international flights open,” a senior official at a major chain said. hotelier.

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  • Advance hotel bookings are up to 60% higher in April and May, and hotel brands are raising room rates by 25%
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