The Sodiar Entrepreneurs and SMEs Fund approves 33 projects and the company plans to close 2104 with 58 operations

Le Pétit Croissant’ wide business with these loans and ‘A shipwreck in your pool’ is launched

The Sodiar Entrepreneurs and SMEs Fund has approved 33 business projects related to consumption, basic services, agri-food, textiles and new technologies and at the end of the year the public company plans to close a total of 58 formalized operations, with an investment of 4, 8 million euros, 20 percent more than in 2013.

Of the 33 projects, 27 correspond to this exercise as a result of the merger of the 2013 Impulse Plan Fund and the Entrepreneurs Fund last year, and the other six were approved in 2013.

The Entrepreneurs and Pymes Fund has an investment of 1.8 million euros, but the investment it mobilizes is 8.5 million euros, so the multiplier effect is 4.7 and has generated or maintained 362 jobs.

Apart from this line of financing, Sodiar has its own resources; the Aragonese Pymes Innovation Support Fund; the Ham Fund of Teruel; and the Municipal Financing Funds for companies integrated by Emprender Huesca, Emprender Jaca, Emprender Calatayud and Emprender Fraga.

Between all add 4.8 million euros, which is one million more than last year (20 percent) and contributes to a global investment of 18.3 million euros because for each public euro invested mobilize 3.8 euros of private resources.

Thus, at the end of the year, it is estimated that the created and maintained employment will be of 753 people, of which 382 will be newly created jobs, which is 50 percent more than the jobs generated in 2013.

“effective management”

The Minister of Economy and Employment of the Government of Aragon, Francisco Bono, stressed that this public company “does not cost a euro to the Autonomous Community, which reveals an effective management” to add that together with Avalia, SUMA Teruel and Aragon Exterior ” they are a tool to support companies in financing, entrepreneurship and internationalization “.

To these is added the activity of autonomous bodies of the Government of Aragon, such as INAEM, which “with professional and motivated managers bring a lot of value to the private productive fabric and constitute as levers for the dynamization of economic activity”.

In a press conference, the Sodiar forecasts for 2015 have advanced, with an investment of 6 million euros, of which 1.5 million will be from own resources; 1.8 million from the Innovation Fund; 1.2 million from the Entrepreneurs and SMEs Fund; 1 million for the Ham Fund of Teruel; and 0.5 million for the four Municipal Funds.

The general director of Economy, José María García, has influenced the multiplying effect of public investment to defend public-private collaboration.

García pointed out that Sodiar acts as a “complement” to other financial entities, he recalled that the maximum that is granted is 300,000 euros per project and has exposed that the standard loan is at an interest rate of 5 percent on the fixed section and another variable according to benefits for a term of five years.

Expansion of the business and creation of a new one

In the presentation of the data have involved the heads of two companies that have requested loans from the Fund of Entrepreneurs and Pymes of Sodiar for the expansion of the business, as is the case of ‘Le Pétit Croissant’ and for the creation of the didactic archaeological project ‘ A shipwreck in your pool ‘- this page.

The head of ‘Una autre boulangerie’, whose commercial product is ‘Le Pétit Croissant’, Anne Romeuf, has resorted to a loan of 100,000 euros from this Fund to expand the business with the opening of the third point of sale in Puerto Venecia, last June, and that entails a total investment of close to 500,000 euros and the creation of five new jobs to reach a staff of 25 people.

“We are an SME with a different style and soul that has set a trend in the sector and we have set the bar for product quality very high”, Anne Romeuf described her business initiative that emerged in October 2006 with the opening of the first store on Calle Hernán Cortes in Zaragoza and in December 2011 the second one opens in Paseo de la Constitución, 16.

“The opening of the third store in the idyllic location next to the lake of Puerto Venecia is to amortize the investment of the other two stores and sell the totally handmade and natural product that is made”.

“They advised us to go to sodiar”

For his part, one of the two partners of ‘A shipwreck in your pool’, Hector Conget, has reported that the idea of applying for this loan “was not a premeditated strategy, but someone advised us to go to Sodiar”.

Initially, they resorted to a crowdfunding campaign to “pay the sculptors half of what was agreed and after convincing them that we would pay them the rest we went to Sodiar” which has facilitated a participatory loan of 10,000 euros for a total investment of 25,000 euros.

The website ‘’ is a training tool for underwater archaeologists and is also presented as an educational activity for archaeological dissemination, which aims to create three jobs.

Héctor Conget explained that the project arose from the idea of recreating the wreck of Uluburum, the shipwreck of a ship that could be produced in the 14th century BC off the coasts of Turkey, possibly the oldest in the Mediterranean, and which was discovered in the 80’s.

The transportable model, made of polyester, that reproduces part of this wreck has an area of 25 square meters and educational activities have already been carried out this summer in Mallorca. “We teach experimentally”, explained Conget, to indicate that although it is designed for school students from 9 years old, the project can also be adapted to adults with audioguides.

Those interested can go on Sundays to the Stadium Venecia pool in the Zaragoza neighborhood of Torrero, where at 5:00 pm they can dive for two hours to rescue objects from this wreck. The price is 12 euros per person and groups are a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 people. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they have three reserved streets in the facilities of that sports center, from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, when schoolchildren attend.

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